Starting line

Emma Johnson, Founder of, had a major setback when we first started working for her: she was losing more than 75% of her organic traffic.

Because of that, we put monetization on the back burner and focused on fixing problems that were causing her to lose the user’s interest when they were navigating on her page.

Finish line

Emma topped out at 67k organic visitors a few months before she began working with Growth 360. After the slight setback of a penalty, we are now back to 62k visitors and climbing.

Work in progress

After our initial site fixes, we focused our efforts towards expanding Emma into affiliates that make the most sense for her and her brand.

We are continually working on posting new content that expands her reach into more affiliate-related areas.

I am so grateful to work with Growth360. Their team is so professional, knowledgeable and are taking my site and business to a level that was unattainable without them.
Emma Johnson,