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Jason Patterson Founder/Partner
Jason Patterson
I love growing businesses, restoring old buildings, spending time with my wife and four kids, yes four, and I can’t forget about my two dogs. If I’m not at home or at work, you can find me drinking coffee, reading the current business section bestseller, and watching pretty much anything that has to do with Clemson sports.
Danny Walker Partner/CFO
Danny Walker
As Jason’s first business partner and CFO, I handle many of the financial details that keep Growth360 running, including bookkeeping and contracts. I may be known around the office as the resident Growth360 “Dad.” Mostly because you will likely find me encouraging all of our employees to enjoy their families, their friends, and their coworkers.
Giles Canter CEO
Giles Canter
I am passionate about leadership, teamwork, and achieving successful results for our clients. Lucky for me, all three of those things fall into my job title as CEO for Growth360. I stand alone in the office as the one and only Florida State Seminoles fan. I love spending time with my family and enjoy all aspects of the outdoors.
Jason Fisher SEO Specialist
Jason Fisher
SEO Specialist
As an SEO Specialist, my primary goal is to increase organic traffic and revenue for a website. This can include site auditing, identifying and implementing technical and on-page improvements, researching content and marketing gaps, pinpointing user experience enhancements, boosting conversions, and using data-backed analyses to proactively attract and grow into new segments. After completing all of that inside of the office, I don’t tend to slow down when I head home to my wife and two kids. On weekends you’ll likely find us camping, hiking, swimming and/or biking around the Upstate.
Mitchel Jaynes Content Specialist
Mitchel Jaynes
Content Specialist
I am the resident content creator at Growth360, which is another way of saying I am a writer. If I’m not writing, I’m drinking coffee, after all - the two go hand-in-hand. Most of my day is spent putting together blog posts for our clients, but in my spare time at the office you can find me slowly but surely convincing everyone that we need an espresso machine.
Matt Bundrick SEO Specialist
Matt Bundrick
SEO Specialist
After more than a decade at Clemson University, including senior leadership roles in web development and management, I have found my new home at Growth360 helping clients improve SEO through pagespeed and backend enhancements. Known for my laid back personality and sense of humor, some of my self-prescribed tasks include lightening the mood and helping ensure there’s never a dull day. When I’m not in the office you can find me volunteering in the community on several boards and as a firefighter in both Anderson and Oconee counties. I enjoy serving others and giving back to my alma mater, Clemson.
Leah Rainey SEO Specialist
Leah Rainey
SEO Specialist
I have a deep love and appreciation for order and beauty and enjoy using both of these in whatever capacity I’m working. Here at the office that can be improving the SEO for a website, curating social media posts, providing feedback for web design, and assisting in the client onboarding process. Out of the office that looks like making food that looks as good as it tastes, arranging flowers, and drinking all the french press coffee in handmade mugs.
Aly Houng Graphic Designer
Aly Houng
Graphic Designer
I'm unapologetically proud of my Philly roots mixed with a whole lot of Penn State pride, but I’ll still rock Clemson orange any day. Website design is my jam, or my day job, and that involves anything from layout design to big picture brainstorming. Currently my sketchbook is full of messy hand lettering doodles and quotes from the many books I’ve started and have yet to finish reading.
Paul Moyer SEO Specialist
Paul Moyer
SEO Specialist
My primary roles at Growth360 include SEO, monetization of websites through affiliate relationships, current client management, new client screening, decision maker on technology purchases, and training of new employees. On a less serious note, my other primary role in the office is to proudly and loudly represent Gator Nation. If I’m not talking about the Gators, you can count on the fact that I’m starting some conversation around the office about politics, saving money at Kohl’s, and Bible quizzing.
Clarke Walker Onboarding Specialist
Clarke Walker
Onboarding Specialist
I’m unapologetically a people person, which is why you can find me talking to Growth360 clients on a daily basis. My role as an Onboarding Specialist is to ensure ancillary needs of our clients are always met so that other functions and responsibilities of Growth360 can perform properly. Simply put, I'm here to make sure clients know how much we value them and their business. Aside from that, my life is full of mountain weekends, Georgia Bulldogs attire, and traveling for any and every golf/skiing adventure.
Mark Asbell Business Analyst
Mark Asbell
Business Analyst
Being a jack of many trades and master of none, so to speak, makes me the king of asking questions. My goal is to gain insight on what can help us improve and make better decisions for our team and our clients. Outside of Growth360 I enjoy being a family man, volunteering in ministry, and being physically active - both for fun and fitness. After all, it takes a lot of exercise to offset the calories I like to eat, which frequently includes anything with peanut butter.
Andrea Tolar SEO Specialist
Andrea Tolar
SEO Specialist
At Growth360 my main role is to organize the many parts of our business so that our team can work more efficiently. That includes working behind the scenes on all of our accounts and taking care of anything and everything in and around the office. On any given day I can be found switching back and forth between managing the books and solving SEO problems that arise. Outside of the office you can still find me organizing as I try to navigate life with my husband, two kids, and a newborn!
Nathan Golden Content Specialist
Nathan Golden
Content Specialist
If stranded alone on that deserted island people like to talk about, I’d want a keyboard, a topic, and our shared language. Fortunately, as a content writer at Growth360, I can practice the art of writing without the loneliness, the sunburn, or the need to incorporate coconuts into every meal. Whatever the climate or the local dietary customs, I aspire to create good writing because good writing speaks for itself: people want to read it.
Shannon Lusk Executive Assistant
Shannon Lusk
Executive Assistant
For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about helping others. I thrive off the opportunity to utilize my organizational and strategic skills to serve those around me, both inside and outside of the workplace. At home, you can find me alongside my husband, two beautiful stepdaughters, and a fun-loving little boy that keeps me on my toes.
Parker King Intern
Parker King
As a writer and editor, I’m passionate about creating meaningful, engaging content that connects businesses with individuals. When I’m not writing professionally, you can find me with a pen in hand, discovering new music, laughing with good friends & family, or cheering on the Clemson Tigers. The mountains are always calling, and there’s nothing I love more than camping in the Smokies with family. Lastly, go Blue Hose!
Lawton Hilliard Intern
Lawton Hilliard
I am currently a student at Clemson University who’s passionate about photography. I thrive when given the opportunity to give businesses a fresh look, helping them to more effectively express their mission and bring on new clients. I enjoy anything outdoors, especially a day at the lake with family and friends.

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