Starting line

Jeff had a very popular Personal Finance blog that was not getting the same kind of revenue that other similar bloggers were generating.

He brought us in to drive more traffic and find more ways for his site to generate income.

Our services

We help GFC with increasing the traffic that comes to the site and properly monetizing the site to take advantage of that traffic.

This includes adjusting our content to make sure it is well received by the main search engines, making sure already popular pages have the right advertisers, updating existing content that has the chance to improve for search traffic, and identifying new content that is related to current content and can expand the organic reach of the site.

Finish line

Traffic has grown from just over 250,000 sessions per month to over 750,000 sessions per month.

Work in progress

We are continuing to look for new revenue opportunities as new advertisers come into the financial space.

We are also looking to expand his reach into financial content that is not covered with current content. The site has hit with a minor search engine penalty in February and we are fixing content that has caused the site to go down from that high month in January (a lull from Jan to Feb is normal but not that much). We have almost completely recovered that lost traffic in less than six months.

Working with Growth 360 has been immeasurable. My revenues have more than 10’xd and I have so much more time to focus on the areas of the business I enjoy and time with my family. I can’t recommend them enough.
Jeff Rose, Founder,