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Our Story

Growth360 traces its roots to an online insurance agency I started in 2006. Back then, selling insurance meant bombarding senior citizens with phone calls and direct mail. The industry believed older Americans would not buy financial products online.
I knew there had to be a better way. Through trial and error, our agency learned to generate reliable sales leads online, and soon we were selling Medicare supplemental policies to seniors online and in multiple states.
Our insurance agency kept growing steadily, and by 2015, I was ready to apply the agency’s knowledge and experience to other companies and industries. I sold the insurance agency and started Growth360, a digital marketing agency with a focus on helping clients grow their online businesses.

With help from a staff of smart employees and contractors, Growth360 took off, growing clients’ websites and companies into the multiple seven figures. My role shifted to managing the agency’s talented staff. A company is only as good as its people, and I learned how to identify the right people for the right roles.

Our team kept evolving to meet our client’s ever-changing needs until February of 2021 when my personal life forced a change in direction. I became a single father of four amazing kids, and I needed to grow in other areas of life so I could adjust to this new challenge. Now, Growth360 is once again focused on growing the bottom line of online businesses.

If your company’s growth has stagnated, we can find out why. We can remove the barriers to growth and start moving your company forward by optimizing SEO and your use of social media, website design, and content development. Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen by delivering your company’s unique message to its ideal audience.

Your business’s bottom line is our main focus, but growth can happen in other ways, too. As we work together, I hope we can grow by learning from each other. My commitment is to rally around you and your goals, bringing the right team to the table to achieve the growth you need.

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